Volkswagen Atlas Pickup: Another Honda Ridgeline For Ford Ranger To Forget!

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The midsized pickup truck scene in the US is about to get a whole lot more exciting as there are a number of new models on its way to making their respective debut.

The new-generation Ford Ranger is one of them and this particular vehicle is getting the most attention from the public. It cannot be avoided as the Ranger is a recognized name in the global market and it was also competing in the US market about a decade ago.

Furthermore, the larger F-150 has successfully become the most dominant name in the pickup truck scene thus explaining why the expectations are huge for the next-gen Ranger.

This is something which Volkswagen is not happy about as they also want a big slice of the sales pie in the midsized pickup truck scene. VW has already confirmed that their midsized champion will debut in the US later this year and it will be called the Atlas Pickup.

As the name says, the Atlas Pickup is based on the Atlas SUV and it will have a light-duty approach aimed at urban driving rather than a rugged outfit like the Ranger. Volkswagen even went as far as claiming that they designed the Atlas Pickup to appeal to the feminist market.

Personally, we feel that this is pure desperation to boost prospects from the German carmaker. Early previews of the Atlas Pickup suggest on a very car-like offering which isn’t new in the market. Honda has made the same attempt with the Ridgeline and the vehicle never managed to attract massive sales.

With that being said, we don’t think Ford is moved at all by the Atlas Pickup. The only threatening new name for the Ranger is the Jeep Scrambler.