Volkswagen Atlas Pickup Can’t Threaten Ford Ranger, Here’s Why

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It is official. Volkswagen is going to make its debut in the American pickup truck scene with the release of the Atlas Pickup. As the name says, the Atlas Pickup is basically an Atlas SUV that has been converted into a pickup truck with all the necessary utility goodies.

The only unfortunate bit here is that the Atlas Pickup does not have a good sales potential. The pickup truck scene in the US demands greatly for an all-terrain, rugged setup and these are elements which we don’t see on the Atlas Pickup.

The vehicle is more of a light-weight midsized pickup truck that is made for urban use – much like the Honda Ridgeline. Speaking of which, the latter has never been able to compete fiercely on the sales front hence we are not expecting things to be better for the Atlas Pickup.

The odds are simply stacked against the Atlas Pickup to compete for the bestseller title and this is especially when the next-gen Ford Ranger is nearing its debut.