Volkswagen Atlas Pickup: Prospects Dashed By Honda Ridgeline!

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Volkswagen has got some big plans for the American market and one of them is to compete in the nation’s most popular scene – pickup trucks.

Volkswagen has already confirmed that they are working on a pickup truck and it will be a midsized model based on the Atlas SUV. A concept of the vehicle has already been unveiled and it is as pictured above.

The problem with the Atlas Pickup is that it won’t be anything more than an Atlas SUV with a utility bed attached to its back. This basically means that the Atlas Pickup is likely to end-up being a light-duty urban pickup truck just like how it is with the Honda Ridgeline.

The latter is Honda’s midsized pickup truck and it is built based on the latest generation Pilot. Despite getting plenty of positive remarks from major reviewers, the Ridgeline has never managed to excel on the sales front.

April 2018 further cement that fact when the Ridgeline declined further with about 2,000 units sold. This is a 22% decline from April of last year with no hope for improvements.

The Ridgeline’s case further proves that the American crowd strongly favor a rugged, all-terrain pickup truck instead of a docile urban model. With that in mind, the prospect for success with the Volkswagen Atlas Pickup does not look great at all.