Volkswagen Atlas Pickup: Sour Prospects Ahead!

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A couple of months ago, Volkswagen brought out a pickup truck concept at a major motoring event and they have since confirmed that the vehicle will step into production for the global market.

By global, the US is included as Volkswagen does not want to miss out at the chance of making a dime in the most pickup truck-friendly place in the world. All is well for Volkswagen until they realized that the Atlas-based pickup truck, also called the Atlas Pickup, has got a sour prospect for success in the US.

This is due to the Atlas Pickup having a very urban setup instead of rugged. While we can commend the vehicle for looking great, the heavy use of technologies for exterior design and car-like interior design gives the impression that the Atlas Pickup won’t be made to get dirty.

At best, the Atlas Pickup will be made for light hauling duties and city-based utility functions. It won’t have an extreme all-terrain performance – something that is heavily required by pickup truck fans here in the US.

The best evidence on this is with the Honda Ridgeline, which has never managed to go beyond 3,000 units on monthly sales since its debut several years ago. It goes to show that urban pickups are not in demand here in the US and we will be surprised if the Atlas Pickup is able to achieve success.