Volkswagen Atlas Puts A Permanent End On Touareg

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It is official. The Volkswagen Touareg has faced the axe, meaning that it won’t be available for purchase any longer. It is also worth noting that the discontinued Touareg is only applicable here in the US and we are unsure if other countries will follow suit.

Volkswagen offered no explanation to why they have decided to expel the Touareg but the obvious says that it is because of the Atlas. The US-exclusive SUV from Volkswagen is newer, bigger and more importantly, cheaper than the aging Touareg.

Prices for a brand new Atlas start at about $31,000 and this is about $20,000 cheaper than the Touareg. The latter is simply not popular among the consumers because of its high calling fee. Some may say that the Touareg is on the same level with the BMW X5 and even if this is true, the consumers would prefer getting a true luxury SUV rather than a Volkswagen.

Due to poor prospects of the Touareg, the vehicle has faced the axe and filling its place is the Atlas which promises a lot of value. The Atlas may not have an upmarket setup but its offerings justify its price tag.