Volkswagen Atlas Turns A Blind Eye On Honda Ridgeline Failures

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If you are to read-up or watch every major review on the latest Honda Ridgeline, you will learn that the pickup truck is not short of impressive but even that can’t save it from experiencing sales misery.

The Ridgeline is far behind the likes of Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Silverado on the sales front with the monthly figures being unable to exceed 5,000 units.

It is a happening that cannot be avoided because the Ridgeline does not meet the standards of a pure American pickup. Instead of having a rugged 4WD setup, the vehicle adopts a front-biased drivetrain. It may not be bad for the Ridgeline but it paints a soft image on the vehicle which is against the pickup truck norms here in the US.

Soon, another pickup truck will look to make its debut in the US market and it is the Volkswagen Atlas Pickup. Based on the Atlas SUV, the pickup truck variant will come with a bed and some performance refinements but it won’t have that ruggedness which pickup truck lovers want.

Like the Ridgeline, the Atlas pickup will have an urban setup and this has drastically reduced the vehicle’s prospects for success. We are pretty sure Volkswagen is aware of the critical pickup truck market in the US and we do wonder if the Atlas Pickup can do better than the Ridgeline.