Volkswagen: Diesel Blip Has No Influence On Sales

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Say Volkswagen and the first thing that may pop inside your mind is the dieselgate scandal from two years ago. The scandal was a really huge one and it places Volkswagen on a negative spotlight.

Sure, this may have resorted in falling sales figures for Volkswagen but the effect is only but temporary. This year, Volkswagen resumed its pace of selling vehicles which is well above the market average.

Last month saw a new peak incline achievement after Volkswagen sold 32% more vehicles when compared to the month of September from last year. This is a massive jump and it is as if the dieselgate scandal never happened.

The way we see it, Volkswagen is really shrewd on the business-side of things and they know how to win back the trust of the masses. The dieselgate scandal also aids in making consumers believe Volkswagen more since it is highly unlikely for the carmaker to be dishonest again.