Volkswagen Dieselgate: It Starting To Sound Pure Fiction!

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About 2 years ago, Volkswagen was caught red-handed for cheating their diesel emissions through the aid of a cheat device. It saw Volkswagen paying a heavy price which leads to record-breaking financial losses

But instead of meeting its doom in 2016, Volkswagen did the unthinkable and that is surpassing Toyota in the number of new vehicles sold. It is an amazing achievement for a carmaker that has lost the trust of the consumers after getting caught in the dieselgate scandal.

More cars from Volkswagen were sold in 2016 than Toyota and this allowed the German brand to leap into top spot before being crowned the 2016 number 1 carmaker in terms of volume. But of course, Toyota is not behind as it sits in second place and this is followed by GM in third place.

The fact that Volkswagen made this incredible achievement right after pleading guilty to cheating their diesel emissions makes the whole fiasco sounds like it never happened. Rival carmakers are probably tearing their hair off their heads in disbelief as they are likely hoping for VW’s ultimate downfall.