Volkswagen EVs May Embrace Master Race Approach!

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In case you are unfamiliar with Master Race, it is a term that is associated with PC gaming and this may soon be the way for Volkswagen.

No, Volkswagen is not a brand competing in the PC scene but their EV plans are leaning towards artificial intelligence as the catalyst for a good performance rather than mechanical design.

In a new statement from VW, the German carmaker revealed that “artificial intelligence is revolutionizing” the industry and they want to be at the start of it all.

With the I.D Buzz already confirmed for production, Volkswagen went on to reveal that the EV will feature Nvidia’s Drive IX computer that will keep on learning how to operate a vehicle autonomously based on the driving data collected.

Aside from that, the Nvidia system will add in a number of tech-focussed features like facial recognition, voice control, driver alert and many others.

Volkswagen concluded by saying that AI technologies tend to evolve quickly and this may create annual upgrades for cars. We don’t know about you but this sure sounds like the Master Race era is about to begin for the automotive industry.