Volkswagen Golf vs Nissan GT-R: Sleeper Wins!

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The Volkswagen Golf is a lightweight sports hatchback that can give you plenty of fun around the track but even that isn’t enough for the car to compete with the high-flying Nissan GT-R.

However, with the right modifications and tuning, a Volkswagen Golf can actually outpace Godzilla and this was proven in a drag contest that involved the two vehicles yesterday.

A sleeper Volkswagen Golf MK2 that has been tuned to develop 735hp was pitted against a stock Nissan GT-R and it witnessed the lightweight hatchback bursting into speed faster than the GT-R’s trademark launch control.

But of course, like most tuned old cars on the drag strip, they eventually lose ground towards the final end of the quarter-mile. If it was a half-mile contest, the stock GT-R will be able to grab victory.