Volkswagen ID Buzz Cleverly Targets Market Voids

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The EV market is still very new to the world but it is growing at a rapid pace. In the pace of just one year, we have seen more EVs getting produced and most of them enjoyed an impactful sales debut.

Volkswagen will soon be joining party through launching the I.D Buzz. The latter is described as an electric remake of the classic Volkswagen Bus and it will be making its debut within a year from now.

One may question Volkswagen to why they have chosen the I.D Buzz as their first major EV instead of doing better with the e-Golf. Well, it is actually a clever decision because there are already quite a number of affordable EVs in the market but there are no versatile electric vans.

The ID Buzz can fill in that gap thus raising its prospects for success. The ID Buzz will not have to swet much on the sales front as they can openly target fleet sales. Companies that wish to cut logistic cost can adopt the ID Buzz as their fleet vehicle and they can be glad to know that there will be a cargo version of the ID Buzz coming out as well.

The ID Buzz will be the first EV of its kind to target this market and this can give Volkswagen a strong lead in the electric industry. Once again, we would say that the ID Buzz is a clever move from the company.