Volkswagen ID Plans To Take The Spotlight Away From Nissan Leaf

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It is no secret that Nissan is currently developing the next-gen Leaf and the cars look set to arrive somewhere in Q4 this year.

Everything about the future Leaf sounds exciting, especially the part that says the car is going to look like the IDS concept from a couple of years ago. The next-gen Leaf also promises an EV driving range that is more than 200 miles. With such an offering, it is easy to understand why the Leaf is one of the most talked about car at the moment.

But then again, Volkswagen can’t be quiet about it and they are hoping to take the attention away from the Leaf at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. The event that is scheduled in Q3 this year will see Volkswagen unveiling their fourth EV concept that is called the ID.

The upcoming ID concept is tipped to be production ready and it will have the shell of a sedan. This helps separate it from the common EV offering and make it worth looking out for. But of course, Volkswagen only teased on the subject earlier today. The details are being reserved for Frankfurt.