Volkswagen Models New Threat To Audi A4, BMW 3-Series

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What is there not to like about the Volkswagen CC? The car may not be as practical as a standard Passat but back when it was first introduced, the CC appealed to the masses with its style and elegance.

Because of this, Volkswagen believes that another car with a similar calibre can take them out of the dark, post-dieselgate era. Volkswagen wants to have a new 4-door coupe and they have already developed a sketch for the future vehicle.

As how it is pictured above, the car will be called the Arteon. No, Arteon is not a name of a Pokemon despite it sounding like a kickass evolution of Eevee. Arteon is everything the CC is but with more up-to-date styling and fewer setbacks.

While the details are not out yet, Volkswagen teased that the Arteon is built from scratch with precise long-term planning. The car is so carefully designed that it will have generous room inside the cabin and in the cargo compartment.

The Arteon is also confirmed to make its debut at the next Geneva Motor Show but it will arrive in the shape of a concept. The production-ready model should be arriving before 2020.