Volkswagen Next ‘R’ Wants To Be A Poor Man’s Porsche 911!

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Since the dieselgate scandal reached its verdict, the new head of Volkswagen has been loud in revealing that the company will walk down the path of electric vehicles. The aim here is to restore the trust placed on the brand from consumers but VW also warned against expecting only economical cars.

The German company shared that the R-line will continue to stay and it will also be part of Volkswagen’s EV plans. VW further stressed on this last week when they quoted that they will further enhance the performance of their R-cars and the only limit is with the money consumers are willing to pay for them.

With that in mind, we can be certain now that the recently unveiled I.D.R Concept will turn into a production vehicle. The production variant is said to be Volkswagen first-ever AWD EV ‘R’ sports car that has a mid-engine style and if this is to happen, we can perhaps start calling the vehicle as a poor man’s Porsche 911 EV.

It’s a likely outcome because Porsche is part of the VW Group and Volkswagen has only catered to the affordable market. Also, it is worth noting that the discontinued Scirocco has yet to get a worthy successor and the I.D.R can fill in the void perfectly.