Volkswagen T-Roc: Crazy Demand Restores Hope For US!

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What is there not to like about the all-new Volkswagen T-Roc? The compact crossover is stylish and it also has a respectable performance to offer. With such a setup, it explains why the demand for the T-Roc is off the roof over in Europe.

Volkswagen revealed earlier today that they never anticipated a demand this huge for the T-Roc and they have hence made changes to the vehicle’s production plans. Instead of targeting 70,000 T-Roc annually, Volkswagen wants to produce 200,000 units.

This is triple the initial production volume of the T-Roc and the success of the vehicle may get Volkswagen to bring the compact crossover into the US. When questioned about this possibility,

Volkswagen revealed that they would keep an open idea about bring the T-Roc across the Atlantic pond. However, it is their upmost priority to cater to the surging demand in Europe for the time being.