Volkswagen Tanoak Won’t Jump Against Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado

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It is official. The upcoming midsized pickup truck from Volkswagen will be called the Tanoak and the vehicle will look like the model in the picture above.

Many thought that the concept above is a wishful thinking for an Atlas-based pickup truck but it is not. Volkswagen openly admitted that having a highly competitive midsized pickup is in their long-term plans and they even confirmed that the vehicle is targeting to make its debut in the US.

VW revealed that the US is the biggest stage for pickup trucks and this has motivated them into building the Tanoak. But when questioned about the Tanoak’s release date, VW turned cautious as they want to study the market first before launching the pickup truck.

At present moment, the Toyota Tacoma is dominating the midsized pickup truck scene and the Chevrolet Colorado is not far behind. The competition is about to heat up by a significant margin as Ford is getting closer to releasing the next-gen Ranger. On the other hand, there is also the Jeep Scrambler for the Tanoak to think about.

With such a scary outlook of the competition, we can understand why Volkswagen won’t be too aggressive in the handling of the Tanoak. The way we see it, the pickup truck will follow on the path of the Honda Ridgeline where it will target the city folks and niche market.