Volvo Caught Taking A Page Off Fiat-Chrysler’s Playbook

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Swedish luxury carmaker, Volvo, has been searching for various ways to make their vehicles more interesting than it already is and they have now found one solution – Google.

Volvo announced earlier today that they will be collaborating with Google to develop an Android-based infotainment system. Once a product gets released, it will see zero need for Volvo to rely on Android Auto since the Android-powered slate embedded on their cars will do everything better.

This is a move forward for Volvo on the technological front but it is also something that is not exactly new. Just last year, Fiat-Chrysler announced on their partnership with Google which carries a similar goal.

With more carmakers approaching Google directly to change the way infotainment systems work, it kind of explains why the tech giant is making slow moves for Android Auto. What do you think?