Volvo Polestar Supercar Teased, Creates More Confusion

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Following Volvo and Polestar can get really confusing as the two firms tend to speak differently in regards to product development.

It was just a few months ago when Polestar confirmed that they have stopped tuning the cars from Volvo as they have been tasked with the development of electric technologies and now, the company has teased on an upcoming Volvo supercar.

Such a sudden change of direction is something we don’t want to understand anymore as all that matters is the supercar that is in development.

The tease happened on Instagram and it saw Polestar sharing abstract photos of the upcoming vehicle. The car is said to be a two-door coupe and it will have about 600hp to offer.

The details are being reserved for a later date but we can already assume that the vehicle will rely on electric technology.