Volvo S90 Ambience Promises S-Class-Slaying Level Of Luxury!

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been the benchmark in the luxury full-sized sedan segment and its position at the top is now being challenged by Volvo.

The Swedish carmaker already has a model that is capable of competing against the S-Class and it is none other than the S90. But despite boasting an exciting design and a pleasing performance, the S90’s cabin is still no match for the S-Class but that will look to change in the near future.

Volvo announced earlier today that they will unveil the Ambience Concept that will completely upgrade on the luxuries inside the cabin of the S90. The Ambience Concept brings new technologies that will connect with the senses of a human beings. It combines sight, scent and sound to ensure that the mood is set for the commuter and the travelling experience gets amplified.

Whether this will be enough to beat the S-Class is a question that remains to be answered but judging from the looks of, the S90 is about to get a massive status upgrade in the segment it competes in.