Volvo To Tesla: Let The Big Boys Take Over From Here

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Hate it or love it, Tesla has managed to create huge demand for electric cars and this is something which other carmakers are pleased about. For Volvo, they are so thrilled by it that they have decided to scrap their diesel plans to create more electric-powered vehicles.

Volvo said:

“From today’s perspective, we will not develop any more new generation diesel engines. We have to recognise that Tesla has managed to offer such a car for which people are lining up. In this area, there should also be space for us, with high quality and attractive design”.

Knowing that Tesla is still pending to turn into a massive volume manufacturer and getting poor ratings on the luxury fronts, Volvo is keen to tap on the EV demand with their reputation in safety and luxury.

The Swedish carmaker is expected to bring out its first long-range EV in 2019 and the vehicle is hoping to retail under $40,000 when released.