Volvo V60 Cashing In On Safety For Success!

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If there’s one carmaker which you should keep an eye for, it is Volvo. The days where Volvo is considered as an afterthought of a luxury carmaker are long gone as more and more consumers are now convinced that Volvo is among the best in the premium market.

The latest vehicles from Volvo have proven this point as they all offer a great looking design, splendid performance and some of the most attractive financing deals around.

Today, the V60 becomes the new point of attraction from Volvo as the carmaker commences the wagon’s luxury campaign. The new V60 is pretty much a predictable affair as it is built with Volvo’s latest design language in-mind with the same set of powertrain options.

Knowing this, Volvo has decided to change their approach with the V60’s promotion. Instead of talking about the refined driving ability of the V60, Volvo has decided to focus on promoting the vehicle’s safety features. You can see it for yourself below.