Volvo XC40 Schools Jaguar E-Pace On True Luxury!

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The bigger the hype, the larger the risk of disappointment is. This particular statement perfectly describes the Jaguar E-Pace, which was one of the most talked about luxury vehicles prior to its release.

Now that the E-Pace is here, we can’t help but to feel disappointed by the level of quality inside the cabin. Underneath the nice exterior design lies a cheap-feeling interior that lacks a large number of features which are available on the larger F-Pace.

Jaguar’s decision to limit the cabin offerings on the E-Pace could be down to the vehicle’s status of an entry-level luxury compact SUV – something which they shouldn’t have done.

We say so because you can do entry-level without disrupting quality and luxuries. Volvo proved this when it brought out the new XC40. Slotted below the XC60, the XC40 acts as their entry-level SUV and it has received mixed reactions from car enthusiasts on the design front.

But when it comes to interior quality, both enthusiasts and consumers alike are pleased to see that everything good on the XC60 and XC90 are available on the XC40. It basically explains why many are throwing their cash at Volvo to reserve an XC40 – something that cannot be said for the E-Pace.