Volvo XC40 Spells Misery For BMW X2!

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Next year will see more luxury crossovers making its debut and among them is the Volvo XC40 and the BMW X2. Both vehicles promise to make it big in the market but it looks like the advantage for success is with the XC40.

This cannot be helped as the recently unveiled, production-ready XC40 received more positive feedbacks from the public. Many of them pointed out that they prefer the styling of the XC40 over the X2 Concept as the vehicle has greater balance in upmarket and sportiness. The X2 is just look too soft to wear a BMW badge.

The other thing here is with Volvo’s progress in green technology. Volvo has said that their hybrid system is rapidly getting better and there is going to be an XC40 that relies on a hybrid system. Meanwhile, there is no certainty if there is going to be any green systems coming with the BMW X2.

Last but not least is reliability. J.D Power has named Volvo as the most reliable luxury brand right now and BMW is anchored at the bottom of the charts. With these in mind, the XC40 may just bring an early end to the X2.