Volvo XC40: The Jeep Renegade Of The Luxury Market?

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So, the Volvo XC40 has finally been released and it was met with mixed reactions from the crowd. On one end, the enthusiasts like how the XC40 is different to the traditional offerings in the luxury compact SUV scene. On the other, the XC40 looks awkward and the mechanical design looks bad.

Unlike the likes of the Audi A5 and BMW X3, the XC40 adopts a boxy structure with great proportions. The design language is no different from the larger XC60 and this is a recipe for success.

Unfortunately however, the design takes a toll on visibility as it increases the blind-spot on the XC40. If that is not bad enough, the XC40 comes with a questionable transmission system that can’t switch gears like any other normal gearboxes.

These flaws got people questioning on if the XC40 is truly a Volvo because the lack of visibility and confusing transmission translate to poor overall safety – something which is against Volvo’s DNA.

The criticism is very similar to the ones on the Jeep Renegade. The latter debuted to a lot of hate as many felt that Jeep has spoiled it by giving the Renegade an appealing appearance to the mass-market but with a rough-and-tough off-road system. Everything is just out-of-place.

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  1. John

    December 13, 2017 at 8:37 am

    And apparently Mr. ‘Staff Reporter’ likes to be generally different than most other reviewers.

    Each to their own.