Volvo XC40: US Scare Puts To Rest!

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Volvo may have confirmed on the development of the XC40 but they have yet to share the roadmap release for the vehicle. This has left many speculating that the XC40 is not going to arrive in the US.

Well, we can now put the speculations to bed because the XC40 is now confirmed for the US market. Volvo may not have mentioned it but the fact that the XC40 is going to debut at the LA Auto Show is a clear sign of a US debut.

In addition to that, Volvo’s US website is now equipped with an online configurator for the XC40. It gets more convincing when Volvo’s Canadian website offered the same thing.

There is no longer any doubt on the XC40’s debut and we can’t wait to check out how the vehicle competes against the BMW X3 and the Audi Q3. Are you excited?