Volvo XC40 Wants To Pay For Your Insurance!

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The XC40 has officially made its unveiling at the LA Auto Show and we can confirm that the premium crossover has got the looks and right level of luxuries to offer.

It gets sweeter for those that prefer leasing a vehicle instead of purchasing one because Volvo has announced on an attractive package which you may find difficult to resist.

The carmaker was loud in announcing that the new XC40 can be leased from as little as $600 a month. The best part about it is that the announced pricing is all-inclusive of insurance and maintenance.

The latter is understandable but insurance…! The sole fact that Volvo is offering insurance with the XC40’s leasing program has made it obvious that they are targeting young and new drivers.

New drivers often have to pay a high fee for insurance due to their lack of driving experience but they can avoid all that with the XC40’s leasing program. Game on, Volvo!