Volvo XC60: Doubtful Reliability Puts A Handbrake On Sales!

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It has been close to a year since Volvo brought out the second-generation XC60 and we have to say that the luxury SUV has grown to become a major name in the luxury scene.

Like how it was with its predecessor, the new XC60 managed to sell like hotcakes since its launching but Volvo is still not satisfied with the achievement.

A spokesperson from Volvo revealed earlier today that the company anticipated far greater sales than what they are achieving right now but they are unable to hit that potential due to consumers doubting the XC60’s reliability.

While the XC60 is able to sell well, those that bought the vehicle avoided the twin-engine hybrid setup which Volvo heavily promotes and this is due to the powertrain’s unproven reliability.

For Volvo, this is a handbrake on the XC60’s true market potential that can only be fixed with time. It will be a couple of years more before a rough data can appear to highlight the reliability of the hybrid powertrain and Volvo is now hoping that the lengthy duration won’t disrupt sales of the SUV.