Volvo XC60 Polestar Nominates XC40 Ahead Of Time

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Volvo’s performance arm, Polestar, has been actively fine-tuning Volvo’s cars for performance and they are now working on the XC60. After seeing how the S60 Polestar was able to create new records on the legendary Ring, we can’t help but to have high hopes for the XC60 Polestar.

What’s more exciting is that the XC60 Polestar confirmation has also led Volvo to teasing on a high-performance compact crossover in the near future to come. Volvo was not being specific but it is obvious that they are referring to the XC40 Polestar.

The XC40 is tipped to make its debut early next year and it will get slotted below the XC60 when released. Judging by the sound of the above, it sure looks like the XC40 Polestar is not going to make a late entry. In other words, the vehicle may debut together with the ordinary XC40 on the vehicle’s launch day.

But of course, this is just our prediction on the matter. The certainty here is that there is going to be an XC40 Polestar and it will be one that can change the compact crossover market entirely. Are you excited?