Watch Out Honda Ridgeline, Subaru Viziv-7 May Spawn An Ute

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The LA Auto Show has come to a close and it saw many interesting vehicles getting unveiled. Among them is a concept from Subaru called the Viziv-7 and it will be used to develop a future large SUV.

The Viziv-7 caught us by surprise because we never expected Subaru to move into the large SUV segment. The fact that the concept has received a big thumbs up from the auto community has prompted Subaru to compete with the Honda Pilot.

With Subaru attempting to explore other market opportunities, we may potentially see a pickup truck coming from the Japanese carmaker. The Viziv-7 Concept shows that the idea of a Subaru pickup truck is possible and it can compete with the Honda Ridgeline.

Independent artist Theophiluschin is well ahead of things as he developed an artistic visualization of how the Viziv-7-based pickup truck will look like and we have inserted the image above. The rendering made the pickup truck idea look all the more achievable and it may come true.

Would you like to see Subaru developing a pickup truck based on the Viziv-7?