Waze-Android Auto: Delays Caused By Privacy Invasion Tool?

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The developers of Waze once said that they are hoping to launch the app on Android Auto in Q1 this year but that is still pending to happen today. We are fast approaching the end of Q1 and there is still no sign of Waze coming to Android Auto. What gives?

Well, according to a research from the lads at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, the delay is suspected to be caused by Google’s privacy invasion system that is being integrated on the ever-popular navigation app.

The word is that Google wants Waze to collect the driving data of the driver thus creating a virtual profile. These data will then be used to identify what the driver needs instantaneously and Google will then hold a live auction to advertizers to promote their product through Waze.

In other words, you can rely on Waze Android Auto in the near future but it will come with adverts. The revenue potential behind this move is huge thus explaining why Google is holding Waze from making an immediate debut on Android Auto. So, could this truly be the reason behind the delayed release?