Waze-Android Auto: Google’s Biggest Scam?

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Within a month from now, Google is going to enable Waze on Android Auto. The move is likely to come in the form of an update and it will allow drivers to rely on the most popular navigation app on their car’s infotainment system.

But then again, Waze on Android Auto will come with a huge catch – the invasion of privacy. This was hinted by a research conducted by University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

It is said that Google delayed Waze integration on Android Auto because they want the app to be able to collect data about the way you drive the car and everything about the vehicle at real-time of operation. These data will be rapidly processed so that Google can inject adverts through a live auction system.

The ads will identify what the driver needs before promoting on a relevant product. It is a mighty fine way to create massive revenue for Google but it may spoil the entire driving experience. But of course, all can only be confirmed when Waze gets officially integrated on Android Auto.