Waze: Android Auto Integration Coming Next Week?

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If there is one thing most drivers would love to have, it is the ability to utilise Waze on their car’s infotainment system. This is an achievable dream today thanks to the availability of Android Auto but the strange thing is that Google is still pending to add Waze on the system.

So when exactly is Waze coming to Android Auto? If the rumors are referred to, the integration will be taking place on Tuesday next week. While rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, the above may just be the official outcome as it does not contradict with what the developers of Waze has mentioned before.

The lads that are managing Waze once said that the app will arrive on Android Auto in Q1 this year. Well, next week will be the last of Q1 hence the rumours could be true. If Waze fails to arrive next week, then we can confirm thatt the app has suffered a delay in the integration process.

It is another possible outcome and this is being backed up by reports of Google trying to implement a new data collecting system with Waze for Android Auto. Only time will tell on which of the above is true.