Waze-Android Auto: The Outcome Looks Scary

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Waze is easily the most relied on navigation application in the world and it would be a dream if one is able to utilize Waze on their car’s infotainment system via Android Auto. Well, that is bound to happen somewhere in Q1 this year but it may not be the dream we expected it to be.

This is because Waze on Android Auto can be both helpful and annoying. A report from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business revealed that the delay of Waze’s integration on Android Auto is because of Google interest in turning the integration into massive revenue.

There have been talks about Google adding in a highly sophisticated data collection service on Waze Android Auto and having it will allow the tech giant to offer live ads to the user. In detail, the data will monitor everything about the car as well as the driving habits of the driver. It will then hold a live auction to advertisers so that they can make a helpful product known to the driver.

In short, the delay is so that Waze can come up with live adverts that will appear on the car’s infotainment system. It may not be a confirmed thing but it is a likely outcome. After all, what else could have caused Waze’s delay on Android Auto?