Waze-Android Auto: Would Google Maps Finally Move Out?

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Waze on Android Auto is something which many would love to have as it will offer a navigation tool that is so much better than what is being offered by car manufacturers. But then again, the app is still not on-board Android Auto and nobody exactly knows when it will arrive on the system.

The only clue we have is a Tweet from Waze which confirms that the app is really making its way to Android Auto.

So when exactly is Waze coming?

The exact dates are unknown at the moment but judging by a recent update to the Android Auto layout, we are expecting it to be very soon. If you happen to utilize Android Auto, you should notice that the system now offers side-screens to accommodate more apps that belong in a specific category.

If this is anything to go by, it looks like Google is preparing to allow the use of more apps on Android Auto in the near future. We can be sure that Waze is one of them.