What Nissan Rogue-Toyota RAV4? Honda CR-V Is Still King Of Crossovers

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2017 has proved to be an amazing year for Nissan as the carmaker made record-breaking profits thanks to the release of the new generation Rogue.

The Rogue dominated sales in the first-half of this year but it eventually lost its place at the top to the Toyota RAV4 on the Year-To-Date charts. Meanwhile, the Honda CR-V enjoyed a decent year despite dipping in numbers when compared to previous years.

Well, even with the CR-V coming out short in 2017, the crossover is still rated to be better than the Toyota RAV4 and the Nissan Rogue – at least this is how Motor Trend sees it.

The popular automotive outlet has named the Honda CR-V as their pick for the best SUV of the year award and the reason is owed to the vehicle’s great balance in power, fuel economy and driving experience.