What’s Tesla To Jeremy Clarkson?

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Jeremy Clarkson is a very popular figure in the automotive industry and this is thanks to his eccentric ways of reviewing cars. The lad was made famous on the UK Top Gear Series and he continues to be the go-to channel for car reviews on Amazon’s The Grand Tour.

So when Jeremy Clarkson says something about cars, it somehow matters to the masses. Today, we came across a clip of Jeremy Clarkson talking in an interview and he was asked for his opinion on Tesla.

This is pretty interesting because Tesla is a great EV carmaker but their over-aggressive futuristic push and driver-threatening technologies have placed them in the various controversies.

So what did Jeremy say? Well, you can find out by watching the short interview clip below. Just keep in mind that Jeremy has driven the first-gen Tesla Roadster before and he has also successfully defended himself from a lawsuit by Elon Musk.