Why BMW X2 Pickup Truck Is Not A Crazy Idea?

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After seeing Mercedes-Benz widening their market reach with the release of the X-Class, many began looking at BMW with hopes of seeing a rival pickup truck in the works.

These hopes were then shot down by industry insiders, which claimed that the X-Class is a poor pickup truck hence there is no need for BMW to compete with it.

Well, today you can build those hopes again because it has been confirmed that the pickup truck scene over in Europe has experienced a record-breaking incline. The first half of 2017 has apparently witnessed 17% more pickup trucks sold over the same period of last year and the numbers are expected to grow for many years to come.

The X-Class is already in the market and reports are indicating that the vehicle is selling like hotcakes despite the mixed reaction from the public. Even independent artists believe that pickup truck is growing to become a major choice in Europe and he predicts that BMW will respond with a pickup truck that is based on the X2.

As how you can see in the picture above, X-Tomi created a rendering of the X2-based pickup truck based on BMW’s styling trend and it looks like the real deal.

We wouldn’t be surprised if BMW tries out a pickup truck next year as they wouldn’t want to miss out on the growing profits in the pickup truck scene. Would you want the X2 Pickup to happen?