Why Chevrolet Camaro Must Stay Away From Parties

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The picture above paints the perfect outcome of a Chevrolet Camaro that gets driven at a party and this is why we would advise you to keep the car in your garage during the partying nights.

The photo above went viral earlier this week after reports confirmed that the driver is a minor. This means that there have been a large number of offences committed by the before the crash actually happened.

The crash took place at Penn’s State University Campus and the Camaro that got disfigured is actually the latest generation model. This is unfortunate really as the crash gave the Camaro a premature trip to the afterlife. The minor was completely drunk when he drove the Camaro into a tree before rolling over the shrubs.

This is basically why the Camaro is not fit enough for parties. The performance that it has to offer makes it a primary target for drunkards to test drive the vehicle without paying attention to the dangers of their actions.