Why Honda Ridgeline Doesn’t Sell Outside US

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The Honda Ridgeline is fast growing to be one of the most popular pickup truck here in the US despite it being very different from what the competition is offering.

In case you are unaware, the Ridgeline runs on a front-wheel biased system and it has the most car-like interior around. These are not the traits of a traditional American pickup truck but it is beginning to grow on the locals here.

Despite being special, Honda has been reluctant to offer the Ridgeline outside of the US and we can’t understand that decision. It then hit us. Could it be because of the Mercedes-Benz GLT?

It was confirmed earlier today that the GLT will be getting unveiled next Tuesday and it will be produced exclusively for the global market with the omission of the US. Like the Ridgeline, the GLT won’t come with traditional rugged pickup truck features. Instead, it will be more luxurious than rugged.

Knowing this, the Ridgeline may just get overlooked despite it being cheaper than the GLT. The latter’s pricing are not announce yet but the three-pointed star that will be embedded on the grille is enough to confirm that it will be expansive to own.