Will Mazda BT-50 Join Mitsubishi Triton In American Invasion?

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The pickup truck scene here in the US is dominated by local brands but there are some instances where a Japanese pickup truck is able to perform better in sales.

Take the Toyota Tacoma as an example. For the past couple of years or so, the Tacoma has become the leading name in the market in terms of sales. This has inspired Honda to bring out the new Ridgeline and Nissan planning to bring the Mitsubishi Triton here in the US.

Now, rumours are claiming that Mazda is going to join the Japanese pickup truck invasion through the next-gen BT-50. The latter is being sold in selected regions and it is going to welcome a new-gen model somewhere in 2020.

Early reports suggest that the next-gen BT-50 is going to rely on SkyActiv-X technology and an advanced 4WD drivetrain. With 4WD considered as a rarity from Mazda, the carmaker will have a lot of convincing to should the BT-50 makes its way across the Pacific Ocean. Will it happen though?