Will Nissan Cheap Out By Fitting Leaf With FCEV?

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The call to FCEV is loudest in Japan as the country has rallied every car manufacturer bearing its national flag to pursue the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The latest to join in the FCEV mass-development program is Nissan

Nissan is at a disadvantage here because they have yet to offer an FCEV in the market – unlike how it is with Honda and Toyota. Honda has got the Clarity whereas Toyota has got the Mirai.

In a bid to narrow the gap with its rivals, the fastest and quickest way to get Nissan’s FCEV technology out in the market is through applying it on an existing model. There is no car from Nissan that is greener than the new generation Leaf and it is the affordable EV that has been closely linked into getting an FCEV makeover.

The word is that the Leaf FCEV will come out next year and it will offer the world an early look at how good the potential is for hydrogen-powered cars.

Despite being based on rumours, we feel that such an outcome is likely to be true and this is due to the cost involved in the process. The obvious says that fitting an FCEV powertrain on the Leaf will save Nissan a lot of time and money than building a new model from the ground up. Will it happen?