Will Toyota RAV4 Ruin It For Nissan Rogue?

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It has been a surprisingly strong year for Nissan as the Japanese carmaker holds the biggest volume sales yet. The credits go to the latest generation Nissan Rogue that went on sale in January this year. Ever since then, Nissan has been dominating the sale charts in 2017.

But despite holding top spot in volume sales, Nissan hopes to end 2017 on a high is still facing uncertainties and this is because of the Toyota RAV4. The rival affordable crossover has apparently recovered from its sales slump and has picked up pace in recent months.

For two straight months already, the RAV4 managed to outsell the Rogue thus allowing it to narrow the sales gap. In August last month, Toyota moved 41,804 RAV4 in August last month and this is almost 10,000 units more than the Nissan Rogue.

If the trend is to go on for the upcoming months, we may see the sales war between the Rogue and RAV4 going to the wire. Will it be a perfect year for Nissan or will Toyota be able to make a last minute comeback?