2018 Jeep Wrangler: Is Aluminum Enough Against Ford Bronco?

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The 4×4 SUV market had just got a lot more interesting after Ford confirmed on the return of the Bronco. The next-gen Bronco is projected to arrive before 2020 and it will come with the best off-road performance to offer.

Off-road lovers and fans of the Bronco are very pleased with what they are hearing and they are curious to see what two decades of absence can do to the Bronco. The certainty here is that Ford will be going all-out with the vehicle as they want to put an end to Jeep Wrangler’s dominance in the segment.

The Wrangler has enjoyed long periods of free pass in sales as it does not have any competitor to worry about. To make things extra exciting, Jeep will be launching the next-gen Wrangler in Q1 2018 and the vehicle is confirmed to have an aluminum body.

The use of aluminum is to make the Wrangler lighter so as to achieve better optimization in power and performance. Fuel economy can also look to experience a boost on the Wrangler thanks to the lightness of the SUV. Hence the question, will the Wrangler’s lightness be enough to destroy the Bronco?