5 Things To Get You Started On Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World will mark the first time a Monster Hunter video game gets produced for all platforms hence the title is likely to arrive with an in-depth intro to get new gamers started in the series.

For the majority that has never played Monster Hunter, we are here to help you out and it is through laying out 5 key pointers about Monster Hunter world. They are as follow:

1. PC Delays
Monster Hunter World is scheduled for 26 January 2018 but it will come out even later on the PC. This is pretty typical from Capcom so its best you get a heads-up about it.

2. Light Plot
Despite being a massive open world RPG, Monster Hunter World is more combat-focussed than mission-based. The plot will be very light and it is there just to keep you motivated in the game.

3. Raw Combat
As mentioned above, combat is the way of the game. In Monster Hunter World, it will be mostly about fighting monsters and get better gears to fight even stronger monsters.

4. Analogy
If we have to put our finger on it, Monster Hunter World is a series of 4-player MMO raid-boss fights with Dark Souls combat, but even that is inaccurate.

5. Demo
The trailers may look good but it is perhaps more important for you to get a feel of the game. If you are on the PS4, a demo will be out on 9 December next month.