Bethesda’s Prey Had Just Destroyed An Indie Game

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Trademarks in the video games industry can be really hard to understand, especially when there are a number of games that has a similar word in their title. We have seen the fiasco caused by CD Projekt Red when they patented the name Cyberpunk very recently ago and now we have Bethesda.

The latter had just launched a brand new title, Prey, and it is growing to become a hit. As of right now, Prey is getting a lot of digital downloads across all platforms and the reviews for the game are mostly positive.

But despite the goodness that is with Prey, the game’s success is starting to hurt other titles, namely Praey For The Gods. The indie title is now being forced to go through a title change after getting tangled in a trademark dispute with Bethesda.

If that is not bad enough, Bethesda defended their decision to force the change by claiming that they don’t have any choice. You can check out the full statement in the Tweet below.