Agony: PC Gamers Will Get The Complete Experience!

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Agony is the newest multiplatform game from Madmind Studio but it is still not in its complete form. This is unless you’re on the PC because an upcoming patch is about to get released and it will give you the true experience of Agony.

The developers confirmed on this earlier today when they revealed that the patch will remove console censorships on the PC version of the game. Seeing that Agony has already earned an R rating on the consoles, we can’t imagine what sort of unfiltered content will arrive on the PC version of the game.

Some would say extreme nudity but that is unlikely to be the case as per Path of Exile on the Xbox One. The way we see it, the dark theme of Agony greatly suggests on extreme violence – something along the lines of Rockstar’s Manhunt.

Whether it is about killing infants or mass-murdering people in a sadistic manner is a question that remains to be answered. We’ll keep you updated about it.