Anthem Giving Gamers Destiny-Clone Scare Ahead Of Debut!

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In 24 hours from now, Bioware will be releasing the official trailer for Anthem before laying out the details on the game at E3 this weekend. This was made known through a teaser for the upcoming trailer which has apparently received more negative feedbacks than positive.

It cannot be avoided because the practice of having a trailer for a trailer is just painful for gamers to bear. If that is no bad enough, the majority of gamers are wary of EA’s strong involvement in Anthem’s development and this hints on a sour outcome.

The killing blow is with the way the teaser for Anthem’s trailer was made. It is a short GIF that comes with a whisper quoting, “there is something waiting for us beyond this wall…”

The dark nature of the teaser, the script and the whisper is not something new from EA as we have heard a very similar text from Destiny. If that is not bad enough, Anthem is already looking too much like Destiny.

Our expectations for Anthem cannot be any lower and we sure hope for a positive surprise when the game gets announced at E3.