Anthem: Hopes Dinked In Loot Box Remark!

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Bioware has made it official that Anthem will be debuting before the end of March 2019 and it promises to be the biggest multiplayer-online, sci-fi-themed video game yet.

The early details on Anthem has created a hype like no other but today, the excitement meter has dwindled to a new low after publisher Electronic Arts remarked on their loot box goals.

EA revealed that loot boxes are being regulated at current moment but that won’t stop them from applying the financial-driven feature on the games they’ve published. When questioned on the controversy of loot boxes which involves Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA revealed that it was a learning lesson for them on how to apply loot boxes in the best way possible.

Even if such statements are not directed at Anthem, the fact that the game is going to be a crossover between Mass Effect and Destiny with social-grinding gameplay strongly suggests on a great deal of loot boxes in the title. We hope to be proven wrong though,