Battlefield 1: Shrinking Gamer-Base Has Nothing To Do With BF5!

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Later this year, EA Dice will launch the next major instalment for the Battlefield series – Battlefield 5. Nobody has got a clue on what the game will have to offer although everyone that has played Battlefield is certain on a fast-pace action FPS experience in Battlefield 5.

Being a major franchise in the industry, there is no doubt that Battlefield 5 will sell well when released but this expectation is now being challenged by new rumours. The latest word suggests that the Battlefield gamer-base is shrinking hence Battlefield 5 is bound for doom.

The rumours based their claim on official data which reveals Battlefield 1 to have lost 65% of its active players today and this is an inaccurate measuring stick. We say so because we played Battlefield 1 for a full month before shifting our attention to newer games.

Only a small minority of gamers can keep playing the same game, non-stop for an entire year hence it is pretty normal for the number of active gamers to shrink.