Battlerite: F2P Formula Is Causing A Surge!

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Battlerite may not be the newest name in the gaming industry but it is now one of the fastest growing online multiplayer titles in the world.

We own a copy of Battlerite and our experience has been pretty dull. Just two months ago, finding an online multiplayer lobby takes about 15 minutes due to the small number of active players on the game but trying to play Battlerite again yesterday brought out a different result.

The game lobby gets filled almost instantaneously and we are surprised by the drastic surge in player count. This is perhaps owed to the fact that Battlerite has evolved into a free-to-play team arena brawler action video game. There is even a trailer of the game launched yesterday.

The official figures for the number of active players on Battlerite are not out yet but we can expect the game to get pooled together with PUBG and Battle Royale.